Headband Wig

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The Headband Wig is a stretchy, wefted, wig on a headband. It’s a one size fits all product to suit all head shapes. It’s designed using stretchy elastic for a comfortable and easy to wear The Headband Wig gives your hair volume, glamour and body instantly.

The Headband Wig is made of 100% Brazilian Remy human hair so it can be coloured and heat-styled with a flat iron or curling tong to create the perfect look. The hair is naturally straight with a slight wave so heated appliances can be used to make it sleek and straight or curly and wavy. You can even alternate between the two styles!

Advantages of the Headband Wig:

  1. Hides all hair loss and thinning
  2. Adds length and volume to existing hair
  3. Covers regrowth hair, including whites and greys
  4. Wearing the Headband Wig means you can last longer between washes
  5. It’s lightweight, natural looking and comfortable to wear
  6. It can lighten or darken hair colour depending on the shade chosen
  7. It’s easy to apply and remove, secure once in place and won’t damage existing hair
  8. Easy to create up-do’s in minutes


Included free of charge with your Headband Wig: 

  • Beautiful satin storage bag for your hair piece
  • Hair comb
  • Hair care guide
  • 4 wig combs attached to each corner of the Headband Wig
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