4D Fringe/Bangs



We permanently colour in a darker root to give an Ombre effect to your hair topper

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Important reminder regarding colour:

We understand choosing a colour over photograph is almost impossible and misleading, which is why we recommend you send in a hair sample after your order is placed where we personally match your 4D Fringe/Bangs to your Bio hair. We have an array of colours here and Andrea’s has very extensive colouring skills, send in your samples and take advantage of this free service.

Matches PERFECTLY with our Real Hair Messy Buns



The 4D Fringe allows you to create 4 different styles in 1! The straight across look in thin/medium or medium/thick, side swept and middle part look. Trim and style the 4D Fringe to find your favourite fit and create a unique, new look.

Features of the 4D Fringe:

• 3×5 inch silk base

• 10-11 inch length

• Weight 35g

The 4D Fringe is 100% hand-tied, free part and is applied horizontally. This is the ideal solution for top and frontal hair loss and thinning. It’s lightweight and there’s zero tension while wearing it. It’s comfortable, natural looking and unnoticeable. The silk part mimics the most realistic hair line you will ever see!

The 4D Fringe is made from 100% Brazilian Remy human hair meaning it can be coloured and or heat-styled with a flat iron or curling tong to create your perfect look. The hair is naturally straight with a natural wave after washing.

Advantages of the 4D Fringe:

• Create an exciting and brand new look without cutting a fringe into your own hair
• Hide forehead frown lines
• Hide the early stages of hair loss and thinning
• Cover regrowth hair, including whites or greys
• The silk scalp creates a fresh, clean and natural look
• 4D Fringe is lightweight, natural looking and comfortable to wear
• 4D Fringe can lighten or darken existing hair colour depending on your chosen shade

Included free of charge with your 4D Fringe:

• Beautiful satin storage bag for your hair piece
• Hair comb
• Hair care guide
• 4 Pressure sensitive clips (32mm) attached to your hairpiece