2.5×5” Silk Toppers (all colours, includes colour matching service)


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We permanently colour in a darker root to give an Ombre effect to your hair topper

We lighten the ends of your Topper to create a beautiful balayage

We colour in a Money Piece/Face Framing Highlight to the front of your Topper, 3 shades lighter than your Topper’s shade to create a flattering, bright, highlight around your face (regardless of where you part the Topper this will show through)

Add either lighter highlights OR darker lowlights through your hairpiece for dimension

Layers create volume and movement throughout your hair piece. They work BEST when the hair is styled wavy. Layers will mean the ends on your hairpiece will be thinner as a result.

Real Hair Stretchy Messy Bun


Your Topper can be further customised by adding additional services such as “Root My Topper” and “Cut a Fringe/Bangs into my Topper” . These extra services help you create your perfect Topper.

The Perfectfringe Silk Base Topper is a lightweight and discreet 100% hand-tied topper which features a parting that adds seamless volume and coverage to the top of the hair and along the designated parting line.

The entire base of the piece is hand-tied so wherever you decide to move or part the hair the beautiful silk base will show through to give you a natural parting finish.

The silk top ensures the knots are 100% invisible creating the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.

The benefits are endless as the piece lies completely flat and is unnoticeable. There is zero tension, it’s breathable and natural looking. Once the topper is clipped in place you can also style your hair into a pony tail or up-do.

Features of the Silk Topper:

  • PU perimeter
  • 2.5×5 inch base size
  • Weight (45g) based on 18-20 inch hair length

If your hair loss is isolated to the parting and surrounding areas, the 2.5×5 inch base offers you the perfect amount of coverage with the most natural finish. It’s made using 100% Brazilian Remy human hair so it can be coloured and heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron to recreate your perfect look. The hair is naturally straight with a natural wave after washing.

The length measurements featured on the drop down selection are approximate lengths and can vary between products. To correctly determine the ideal length of your Silk Toper, take a flexible measuring tape and apply one end to the centre of the top of the head. Pull and stretch the tape down to your ends and take note of this length. It’s recommended that you choose a length 2 inches longer than your desired hair length so you can trim it if necessary. If you have layered hair and wish to choose a shorter length hair piece please follow the above steps and measure down to where you would like the topper to finish. The toppers are not thick enough to give you added length unless you purchase them alongside a U-Part Wig or a Hair on a Wire

Advantages of the Silk Topper:

  • Fantastic at hiding the early/mid stages of hair loss and thinning
  • Great at disguising regrowth hair, including whites or greys
  • They’re super lightweight, natural looking and comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • They’re great at lightening or darkening your existing hair colour depending on your chosen shade

Included free of charge with your Silk Topper:

  • 4 Pressure sensitive clips (32mm) attached to your hairpiece
  • Beautiful satin storage bag to keep your hair piece in
  • Hair comb
  • Your care guide

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