Colour Matching

At Perfectfringe, there are two simple ways to ensure a great colour match:
Option 1: Sending natural daylight images (best option for international clients, those who are great with colouring themselves or have a great hair stylist, or those in a hurry who opt for Fast Track.)
Please follow these steps: Take a photo showing all of your hair from the back. Make sure your hair is worn down and the ends of your hair are visible in the photo. Go for a head-shoulder photo instead of close up. Natural light is ideal, near a window or outside - but do not take a picture in direct sunlight as this will obscure the shot.
The customer is responsible for colouring the piece to tweak the colour to their exact shade, and at their own risk. Regrettably, photos alone will not ensure a 100% colour match.
Option 2: Sending a hair sample (best option for those perfectionists!)
Perfect colour match for accurate colour matching (as photos can be misleading). Place a small hair sample in the post to us. We will send you the address in the confirmation email after the order has been placed. Try to take hair from the top of the head as the ends are much lighter, or send a hair piece that you feel matches your hair perfectly. Email us and let us know if the sample is on its way so we can wait for it before starting the order.
We sometimes need to colour to create the perfect colour for you especially if your sample does not match the existing colours in our catalogue, however this means your hair piece is exempt from our Return Policy. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information. We would notify you of this in advance and would only proceed with the order with your approval.